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How the Media Bias Influences Youth Voters: Rock Against Voting (Editorial Written in College):

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Poetry Reading at The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia:

Voices From Here: Paulinksill River Anthology 2009:
A print publication of poetry, including my poem "Collision"
(as soon as I get a link of where you can buy it or read it, I'll put it up)

MuzikReviews.Com & Published Album Reviews/Commentaries

**Forever 27: Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll: Death, Myth and Media** *

**Whatever Happened to Rock 'N' Roll?**

Amy Lennard Review: Fox News Blog

Amy Lennard Review:

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Tres Bien:

Reverend Bob and The Darkness:

Kansas Review: Reuters (blog)-

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Kansas Review: Original Muzik

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Seventhings Review:

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Next Order Review:

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Paradigm Literary Magazine: (also includes a bio in the bio section)

Skope Magazine: Hopesfall Review

Defenestration: Literary Magazine, A Poem

Gargoyle: Arcadia University's Literary Magazine


The Sylvan Echo (January 2009):

In The Mist (Issue 2.1, Winter 2009)

Emprise Review (December 2008)

Word Catalyst Magazine (July 2008)

Gargoyle (Arcadia University's Literary Magazine)