Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Music Biography for Erin Bruno

The Beginning:

Erin Bruno is a 23-year old beatnik singer/songwriter born and raised in the suburbs of North Jersey. An aspiring singer and poet since age thirteen, Erin combines rock ‘n’ roll and poetry much in the same style as her musical influences, such as Jim Morrison, Joan Baez, Amy Winehouse, Elliott Smith, Aimee Mann and Sheryl Crow.

Erin's music career started in high school with various singing lessons, recording her first songs on a tape player, performing casual shows at school and wherever she went with her acoustic guitar, and having lead roles in high school musicals (Edwin Drood in The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Gloria Thorpe in Damn Yankees. It wasn't till 2003 that Erin first stepped up to the rock ‘n’ roll mic becoming the lead singer/lyricist for the alternative/rock band, No Room for Casualty. After graduating from Sussex County Community College with an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts, Erin transferred to Arcadia University (formerly Beaver College) in Glenside, Pennsylvania where she began formal classical training in Vocal Performance as a mezzo-soprano while earning her Bachelor’s in Print Communications.

Erin has studied with several teachers, including Professor F. Frey at County College of Morris and Adam Roebeck (NYC Adam Roebuck Studios, Productions, & Casting), among several others. Although classically trained as a soprano, I sing several styles including jazz, rock, alternative and pop.

Although, I am already in a band, I am always willing to do studio work. If you need back-up female vocals, female harmonies, some lead stuff, or just fill in work for some gigs, just shoot me an email: mystic154@hotmail.com. I also write lyrics, so if you ever need help in that department, I can do that also. My rate depends on what you need done. I'm pretty flexible, especially the first time I'm working with a band, but typically I charge anywhere between $50- $100 a song. Hope to hear from you soon.

In March 2007 Erin was featured on Arcadia’s The Arc radio station playing on The Sean and Kelley Show ( The Sean & Kelley Show Page).
Erin has also contributed lead vocals for the industrial/rock band, Aldorna, on the song "Hail Fire" (Aldorna's Music Page).
In 2008, Erin contributed vocals to “Meadow Suite Sample” for a Black Metal band, The Fainting Goat. (http://www.myspace.com/runicrecords)

Professional Recording/Present News:

Her first acoustic-5 song-demo, “Risk” was independently recorded at Arcadia University and released in April 2007. After graduating in May 2007, Erin met Joe Schwab, a very versatile songwriter and guitarist and shortly after she started singing lead vocals for his band Project Autumn. As lead vocalist/lyricist for Project Autumn, Erin combines rock and jazz while bringing in her roots of classical soprano, acoustic rock and lyrical poetry. Project Autumn is in the process of recording a full-length album, which is set to be released in the Fall of 2008 with their most anticipated single, “Rain.”As far as her solo career, Erin has written close to another 20 songs since her April 2007 demo. She plans to record them along with songs from her previous demo to make a complete album sometime in the near future. Erin is currently the lead singer/songwriter for the Northern New Jersey band, Project Autumn. The band plans to release their first 12-track album in Summer 2009'

Project Autumn Biography

Incorporating a sonic blend of haunting rock, soulful blues, playful jazz, and infectious metal, Project Autumn forms an eclectic sound, unheard anywhere else in contemporary rock music. Unafraid to experiment, this Northern New Jersey group is founded in a curious desire to try new sounds and combine these with styles of times past.

With rich musical backgrounds, each member of the group brings a fine-tuned sense of technique along with a musical passion to create songs that will permanently resonate in every listener. Project Autumn is currently working on a twelve-track, independent album, which will be available for sale in Summer 2009. Their first single "Rain," in addition to other tracks, will be available for purchase through I-tunes and CDBaby.

The Band...

Guitarist Chavez Rivera has been playing guitar for twelve years. Unforgettable and unique, Chavez Rivera's performance style is a blend of melodic classical and incendiary metal riffs. Heavily influenced by a range of guitarists, including Randy Rhodes, Andres Segovia, J.S. Bach, Jason Becker, and James Hetfield, Chavez Rivera is mainly self-taught although he has studied guitar with “Metal Mike” Chlasciak of Rob Halford Fame and Tony Rhambo, a LA Studio Musician. Chavez has played lead guitar for several bands, including Painful Euphoria, Silent Rage, and R Factor.

Vocalist Erin Bruno has been singing for over six years. Erin first stepped up to the rock ‘n’ roll mic in 2003 singing lead vocals for the rock/alternative band, No Room for Casualty. Erin sings with a unique sound that blends classical highs and rock lows, reminiscent of female rockers like Joan Baez, Jewel, Grace Slick and Amy Lee. Studying vocal performance at Arcadia University, Erin is classically trained as a mezzo-soprano. Erin recorded an independent solo album, "Risk" in early 2007 and since has been working hard at writing new songs that blend rock and folk styles. In March 2007 Erin was featured on Arcadia’s The Arc radio station playing on
The Sean & Kelley Show. Erin has also contributed lead vocals to Philly-based Aldorna's "Hail Fire" and the pagan/rock project, Runic Records' "Meadow".